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Prince Hindi 2010(Review and Download link)

Genre: Action, Thriller   
Director: Kookie V. Gulati
Producer: Renu K. Taurani, Ramesh S. Taurani
Banner: Tips Films
Music Director: Sachin Gupta
Lyricist: Sameer 
Star Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Nandana Sen, Aruna Shields, Niroo Singh, Isaiah, Sanjay Kapoor, Dalip Tahil, Manish Anand, Mayur Puri, Rajesh Khattar, Mohit Chauhan
Inspiration today has found itself a new definition in the word ‘replica’ and Bollywood filmmakers are making it apparent. Straight out of the reels of Iron Man, Mission Impossible, Matrix and our very own Dhoom 2, ‘Prince’ is an action-packed thriller that unfolds the six days in the life of sci-fi hero Prince (Vivek Oberoi). Kookie V. Gulati, the debutant director, chips in conspiracy, deceit and deception as the central theme of the movie. Packed with some scintillating actions sequence and sophisticated sci-fi techniques, ‘Prince’ would be a paisa vasool, if you willing to leave your sense of belief at home!
The movie webs around a tech-savvy thief, who is on a pursuit to get back his lost memory and the heist. On the road to discovery, he finds out that he is named Prince and works for a man named Sarang and has a girlfriend, Maya. He also realizes that he is under the hunt of the secret service of India-I Grip, the CBI and the dreaded dons of the underworld equally. Our sci-fi hero has only his instincts to rely on to get away from the entangled web of deception to save himself and the human race, as he is the only one who knows the whereabouts of the heist, which is also the key to get back his lost memory.
‘Prince’, no doubt, has sharp twists and turns, which adds thrill and adventure to the film. What starts as a ‘racy’ affair, loses its charm and tempo in the middle, thereby failing to put up an exemplary show. Though the movie brings in lots of slick gadgets, including a memory-stealing chip, big guns and exploding cars, the end result is a little disappointing. While the dare devil stunts are amazing to look at the big screen, it’s the startling sound effect which needs a special mention. Academy Award winner Resul Pokutty has done an excellent job, by adding to the thrill and excitement of the movie.  
Director Kookie V. Gulati has put a decent show with this debut movie and looks like a promising director, except for a few flaws. Coming to the performance, Vivek Oberoi is great in the scenes that are stunt-packed, but has scope for improvement. As for the three lading ladies, Neeru Singh, Aruna Shields and Nandana Sen, the glam dolls of the movie - all that we can say or rather ask is what were you gals actually doing? A special comment for the overall fashion sense of the movie - Grow up, guys! Action is much more than just black leather attires! So, for all you prince and princess out there, if you despise around-the-mill stories and have not watched a movie lately, catch up on ‘Prince’!

Prince Pre-release Review 
After ‘Kisna - The Warrior Poet’, Vivek Oberoi is back as a lead hero in the movie ‘Prince’, hoping for a positive change in his career. Produced by Renu K. Taurani and Ramesh S. Taurani, the movie is a huge project with some out-of-the world action sequences and visual effects. Directed by debutant director Kookie V. Gulati, the songsof the movie have been penned down by none other than Sameer to the tunes of Sachin Gupta. Though an action thrilled flick, streaks of romance will be seen, as you can find Vivek Oberoi wooing three ladies, played by debutants Aruna Shields and Niroo Singh, and ever-glamorous Nandana Sen. ‘Prince’ is slated for a April 9, 2010 release.
Prince (Vivek Oberoi) is a well-informed thief with extreme powers and knows how to tackle problems with his stylish act. He has committed the biggest robbery of his life only to wake up the next morning, with a gunshot in his arm. He finally realizes that he has lost his memory and is unable to remember anything. Searching for his identity, he discovers that his name is Prince who worked under Sarang and has a girlfriend named Maya. However, this is just the beginning. Prince is the most wanted man of the country and is being looked out for by the secret service of India- I Grip and CBI and, not to forget, by the biggest white collar criminals of the world.
He is the only person who knows the whereabouts of the treasure, which, coincidentally, is also the only link to his loss of memory and a threat to the future of the human race. Since no one can be trusted, Prince has to use his razor sharp instincts to protect himself. Will he be able to find his true identity and save the future of mankind? Will he be able to find the heist and protect himself from the cops and criminals? With only 5 days in his life, can Prince succeed in untangling the web of deception? Wait till 9 April 2010 for the movie to release and check out for yourself!

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